A little history…

Since the ninth century, the Christian tradition has located in Santiago  de Compostela (Galicia, Spain) the presumed tomb of the apostle James the Greater leads, from Palestine, by a stone boat guided by the hand of God. Thus, since the Xth century, innumerable pilgrims come from all parts furrow the terrestrial and maritime routes converging towards this end of the Galician world, with the borders of Europe.
The Way of the South (GR 653)
It is also called “Via Arletanensis“, Way of Arles, or “Via Aegidiana”, road of Saint-Gilles or “Via Tolosana”. Its names are linked to the presence of cities holding important sanctuaries and counting among the most civilized since Roman antiquity. The Way of the South is also the artery traveled by pilgrims to Rome: the “Romieux”. She then takes the name of “Camin Romieu”. Arles – Santiago 1,588 km 62 days of walking.
The Castres-Revel stage
« En Azemar » is 550 yd from the GR 653, halfway on this stage of 22 mi or 9 hours of walking with only 28 yd of height difference. This stop will allow you to relax in the calm, comfort and warmth of our home. You can of course dine in table d’hôte, otherwise a kitchen area is at your disposal (refueling in Dourgne 2 km).

Access map from the GR 653